In search of the Simplicity...

Since childhood, anything unique and artistic would catch her attention. Her eyeballs used to freeze when she saw an artists creation speaking his emotions at the time of making.

World is a beautiful place. It accommodates everything and keeps everything reserved for everyone. In this common place, there are some unique things which her eyes started looking for. But they were not understanding what they were longing to see!

Being a management professional, she just realized that this hunger of uniqueness was insatiable. While pursuing her career, the diverse experiences kept silently giving various inputs in terms of the creativity. Though she enjoyed her time there, her real search took her over

Inherited by creation & innovation.

Her Maasi (Aunty), who was in the same profession, was her biggest inspiration. Obviously, their artistic views used to match. Whenever she used to wear anything, more than the brand names, it was her heart which used to give a final verdict for anything she chose to buy. Simple and unique collection always won her over the jazzy collection, sitting in a plush store.

Wait. Was that word ‘Simple’?? That was it then! Simple!! She started realising that there is elegance in simplicity. One needs an eye for it. Simple, yet unique & elegant is what she was looking for all these years. She started coming closer to what she really wanted.