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Keeping in mind the comfort of Kota sarees, Zari Kotas is an incredible innovation. The Zari Kota sarees are handwoven in traditional handlooms. The sarees originated from the Kota region in Rajasthan. Like other Kota sarees, the best Zari Kotas are also woven using pure cotton and silk.

The speciality of Zari Kota

Zari Kotas further popularised the chequered weave of Kota sarees. They are lightweight sarees that can be comfortably worn for a long time. The Zari Kotas have golden or silver thread near the hemline. It gives the sarees an enriching look and makes the wearer effortlessly gorgeous.


The Zari Kota sarees are available in a plethora of shades. The base hue is often neutral, so the Zari part adds a nice contrast. Grey and sea green are some of the most common shades of Zari Kotas. A monochromatic Kota saree with Zari on the borders has a high aesthetic appeal.

Designs and Patterns

The designs and patterns on Zari Kota sarees are never too intricate. The patterns are often found sparsely, so the saree succeeds in captivating onlookers. Floral patterns in colours that stand out on the neutral base are often used on the body. Sometimes Zaris are also used in the body to make the sarees visually appealing.

Occasions to Wear

Buy online Zari Kota sarees to steal the spotlight at fancy parties when worn right. You can also wear a Zari Kota during the morning functions of a wedding. As long as you accessorise well with your Zari Kota, you will impress everyone with your dressing sense. You can also wear Zari Kotas to a formal event and look classy.  

Zari Kotas are one of the best silk sarees for the convenience of draping. Buy from our website now for a great addition to your saree closet! 

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