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Indians are pretty serious about innovating their collection of six yards, and supernet sarees are proof of that. Two of the finest fabrics, cotton and silk, come together to form these attractive sarees. Supernets are one of the best silk sarees when you want to avoid the weight of pure silk sarees.


Supernet sarees are available in some of the most mesmerising shades. The ones in pastel shades like yellow and pink can be a solace to the eyes. The best part about the supernet sarees is that they will never bleed colours, even when they are in bright hues. The colour of supernet sarees also does not fade over time.


Supernets have a mesh appearance which makes the fabric quite breathable. You will not have to be worried about shrinkage when you buy online supernet sarees. The stunning sarees are lightweight and can be comfortably worn for a long time. The alluring appearance of the sarees is heightened due to the impeccable finishing.

Design and Patterns

Supernets have simple yet elegant prints on them. Floral prints on supernets can enrich the six yards even further. The sarees provide a chic look when you drape them well. You can get a structured look in these sarees, which makes them suitable for women with different body types.


Supernet sarees are suitable for everyday wear as well as party wear, depending on how you wear them. Supernet sarees can steal the show at fancy parties when accessorised with junk jewellery. But you can also ooze out class in the best supernet sarees at a formal meeting.

Some women avoid buying a supernet saree, thinking they are high maintenance. All variants of the translucent sarees are easy to maintain, even the ones with crush quality. Buy from our website now! https://www.silkpond.co.in/collections/supernet   

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