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Kota silks or Kota Dorias are six yards from the state of the Great Indian Desert. The Kota district of Rajasthan has a small town called Kaithoon, where the Kota sarees are primarily produced. Some other villages of Kota, Baran and Bundi also make these sarees.


Several folklores surround the rise of the fantastic fabric. The exact date when Kota Dorias came into existence is still a mystery. According to some, the unique weaving technique of these sarees originally began in Mysore. In the 17th century, the son of a Mughal army general Rao Ram Singh helped some weavers to migrate to Kota.

The weavers who migrated were called Masuria. Therefore, Kota sarees are also known as Kota Masuria. The fabric was used to make headgears for the royal families during its inception. But the use of the material became more common when people started considering it auspicious for festivities.

The Special Kota Doria Weave

When you buy online Kota silk sarees, you will notice square check patterns. The patterns known as Khat are a primary characteristic of Kota sarees. The lightweight fabric helps the skin breathe during the hot Indian summers. They are one of the best silk sarees in terms of maintenance.


The blend of two silk and cotton makes the sarees soft but durable. While silk increases the lustre of these sarees, cotton makes them firm. The floral patterns found on the sarees are known as bhuti. The Kota silk sarees often have embellished borders. The designs are created on graph paper before being transferred to the sarees using special techniques.

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