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Jamdani sarees are the pride of Bengal. The sarees currently originate from Bangladesh. Craftsmen in West Bengal still practice this ethnic art form. Jamani sarees can be divided into sub-categories depending on the region from where they originated. Whether it’s a Dhakai Jamdani or a Tangail Jamdani, these sarees symbolise traditionalism.

Designs and Patterns

The specialty of the Jamdani sarees stems from the rich motifs. When you buy online, you will come across floral patterns and figurines on these sarees. The sarees also display a rich geometric pattern on them at times. The motifs are usually women using colours like white, black, gold, silver, green, and red. The patterns add a nice contrast to the grey or other natural base colours. They are often considered the best silk sarees and one of the most delicate muslins.


Jamdani sarees need a lot of time to be woven. Skilled craftsmen often require three to twelve months to weave one piece of Jamdani saree. The delicate nature of the threads and the detailed patterns makes it a time-consuming craft. Artisans consider monsoon to be the best season for weaving Jamdanis. The fine count weaving and environmentally friendly technique of weaving Jamdanis make it an exclusive art form.


Jamdani sarees might be sheer and lightweight, but they have long durability. The best Jamdani sarees can be passed on to at least three generations. However, only authentic Jamdanis are durable for such a long time.

If you check the wrong side of the sarees, you will be able to check their authenticity. A hand-woven Jamdani will have weft threads in continuation. Jamdanis woven in machines will have a cut in the yarn and lack the continuation. 

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