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Pochampally, often known as the "Silk City of India," has contributed a remarkable variety of silk to the industry. As demand grew, these Pochampally sarees began to feature silk Ikkats, with silk from Bangalore and zari from Surat. Most sarees include mesmerising geometric designs created by skilled artisans using the Ikkat dyeing method. 

Comfortable fabric

For Ikkat sarees, the dye applied on the fabric is sourced from natural sources. Cotton, silk, and SICO are the most common textiles used to make Pochampally sarees (a blend of cotton and silk). 

Pochampally Ikkat sarees are distinguished from other forms of Ikkats by its smooth texture, neatness, and lightweight quality of the fabric. These days, you can also buy from website to add flair to your outfit. 

Ikkat Sarees were originally only woven in coarse cotton materials, but silk eventually became a popular choice. 

Ikkat sarees are light and airy, making them the best ikkat sarees for hot summer days!l. Silk sarees are ideal for weddings and celebrations because of their classic and rich appearance. 

Diverse motifs and colours

The famed Ikkat silks and sarees had geometric motifs on them in the past. However, current intricate motifs such as gorgeous flowers, leaves, circles, paisleys, and other motifs are now being included in these weavings. Because Ikkats are smooth and crisp, these exquisite intricacies add a fascinating touch to the sarees. 

Bold geometric lines or motifs can be found on some ikkat sarees. Multicolor designs and trendy themes like elephants, parrots, and peacocks are the latest trends in Pochampally sarees. The weaves are predominantly bright in colour, with gold, yellow, orange, blue, and pink. You may even buy them online and add them to your wardrobe. 

Many fashion fads come and go, but Ikkat sarees remain a permanent fixture in the fashion scene.

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