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Ajrakh sarees are known for their intricate designs and elegant patterns. The extravagant print originated some 400 years ago, and you can still buy online. The print came into existence from Ajrakhpur in Gujarat. Initially popular in the western states of India, like Rajasthan and Gujarat, the ajrakh print can be seen on the best silk sarees all over India.

Initially, Ajrakh sarees were printed using blocks. The process is quite tedious and needs to be done with a lot of precision. But the advent of modern technologies enables us to flaunt with digitally printed Ajrakh sarees nowadays.

Designs and Patterns

"Ajrakh'' connotes the universe. Therefore, the designs and patterns on the ajrakh sarees are inspired by our surroundings. The art on the best ajrakh sarees is detailed and visually appealing. You will come across hundreds of variations of the ajrakh design.

The beautiful print on the sarees gets highlighted when you pair them with silver jewellery. Leather belts, bags, or accessories add an Indo-western touch to the elite sarees. The graceful patterns on the six yards steal the limelight when paired with designer blouses.


Ajrakh sarees were initially limited to basic colours like black, white, red, and blue. The designers believed that the colours would balance the body's temperature. But you can find ajrakh sarees in a plethora of colours nowadays.

The colours on the ajrakh sarees represent the stunning aspects of nature. For instance, red and maroon are symbolic of the lands, while white and blue symbolize the sky and water.

Ajrakh sarees help us connect to our colourful culture and rich heritage. The sarees' awe-inspiring dyeing and printing techniques make them stand out everywhere.

Whether a festival or a day at work, ajrakh sarees blend in well everywhere. Buy from our website now and make some heads turn!

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