Threads of sophistication: Banarasi Saree

Threads of sophistication: Banarasi Saree

Woven together skilfully with tropical threads, the Banarasi silk saree is one of the most ornate and beautiful Indian drapes there is. A favorite at weddings and special occasions, it is a saree that’s loved and cherished by women across the country. Exquisitely crafted, these sarees showcase intricately designed patterns that leave most spellbound.


The pride of Varanasi, Banarasi silk sarees are carefully woven in this ancient town by skilled Indian artisans using special techniques and unique designs that stand out. A combination of both Hindu and Muslim influences, this luxurious saree is one of a kind. 


The Tale Of Origin


The earliest mention of the Banarasi silk sarees in India dates back to the 19th century. Clusters of silk weavers from Gujarat during the famine of 1603 migrated to Banaras and created the first Banarasi. With time, these drapes from Varanasi became immensely popular for their brocade and heavy zari work. Earlier, only Chinese silk and real gold and silver was used in the creation of Banarasi sarees and each saree was completely uniquely patterned


Graceful, Lush, and Royal:


These elegant handloom sarees are a reflection of royalty- and every thread is defined by its finesse. Extremely popular amongst aristocrats and monarchs, these lustrous silken drapes were considered a precious gift only given to those worthy of its charm.


Over the years, the styles and patterns of the Banarasi sarees have evolved, but their classy look and feel have remained. Made using varieties of silk and muslin, these fine silk weaves were embellished with golden zari on their lavish borders and passed on for generations. 


Intricate Weaves: 


True to the phrase ‘All good things take time, a Banarasi silk saree, depending on the detailing of its designs and patterns, can take anywhere between fifteen days and a month to complete. 

Banarasi silk is distinguished by its fine weave, metallic sheen, and detailed designs of intertwining natural motifs. Soft silks from southern India and metallic threads are used in every tight weave that makes the saree the beauty it is. Today, gold-plated bronze threads are used in place of real ones to make the saree more affordable.  


Additionally, delicate metallic strips are interwoven with silk yarns to make zari artwork for the Banarasi Silk sarees. Most of the patterns created out of these threads are woven on the heavenly pallus.


Lose Yourself In Vivid Colors: 


Have a look at Banarasi silk sarees online and you’ll see an enormous range of rich & vibrant colors. From lemony tones to dark reds, the abundance of hues will please your eyes. Other popular colors include blue, orange, and purple. Outlined with metallic borders and zardozi work, these sarees are made to grab attention. 


Varieties Of Drapes


Crafted in four variations, the Banarasi sarees are available in Katan, Organza Saree with zari, Georgette, and Shatter types. The Katan or Pure silk saree is considered the best of them, for its purity and grandeur, making it the most expensive of the lot,


Add Beauty To Your Wardrobes


Shop for Banarasi silk sarees online with prices and add these elegant drapes to your cart. Flaunt their designs. tanchoi, tissue, cutwork, and butidar at occasions or work, and you’ll be surprised at the number of heads you turn. Add glamour to your life by bringing gorgeous Banarasi sarees home.

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