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Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees 

International Women's Day highlights the changing attitude of women who are increasingly stepping up and taking the lead to inspire many of them. Today, women have taken interest to enter the corporate culture by achieving more success and significance in their careers. Besides work, women's fashion clothing has also taken an upliftment towards a more charming and bolder look than ever. Indian women never cease to blend traditional office wear with western dresses. Women in the corporate sector have brought a power statement through their sarees that fits well to their personality. Currently, most of them prefer hassle-free office wear that facilitates adequate mobility. While some women find draping a 6-yard saree in the busy morning to be a complicated chore. Have you ever thought if it is merely a perception and can be reversed? 

A Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree is not just a garment but can be your identity and a power statement in any corporate seminar you go to. The majority of women corporates buy Maheshwari silk cotton sarees as Maheshwari sarees are uniquely weaved with extraordinary designs on silk and cotton fabrics; the stunning designs of stripes, checks, beautiful floral borders and lightweight in a particular manner on a Maheshwari product is simply satisfying!


Which saree is suitable for your corporate office look? Needless to say, one must avoid picking heavy and jazzy sarees for the office. Nonetheless, you cannot go wrong if you select sarees in natural fabrics, such as Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree. Among all the lightweight sarees, Maheshwari cotton silk handloom sarees are the popular ones when it gets to an office outfit. Apart from the understated grace, these sarees are adored by women for their meticulous artwork and polished look. Although earlier it was made just by using silk fabric, now Maheshwari sarees are made using cotton, silk cotton and even wool. With delicate cotton yarns in its weft and silk in the warp, this light and the breezy fabric have the smooth luster of silk. The thin fabric makes it an excellent choice for women all through the year. Another advantage of Maheshwari sarees is their reversible borders, and therefore, one can flaunt either side. So, in this way, you enjoy the versatility of designs in one saree. This International Women’s Day, buy Maheshwari silk cotton sarees as they can give you an incredible look to stand out at your office party. 


Colour is another fundamental element when it comes to office wear. If you think solid colours and sober prints can give you a subtle and fashionable look at the same time, buy Maheshwari silk cotton sarees. A Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree is a remarkable variety. Some well-known characteristics of the Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree are its glossy lustre, a splendid display of colours, gorgeous motifs, an impressive Pallu and a border to harmonize. The most delightful part of a Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree is the pallu. The pallu is beautified in brilliant colours such as magenta, pink, green, mauve, violet and maroon. These are remarkably explicit with their five stripes, two white and three coloured ones, alternating. The border is also decorated with fashionable designs and themes such as the Maheshwar fort, floral art, geometrical shapes and related themes. Initially, Maheshwari sarees were sewed in earthy shades such as maroon, red, green, purple and black. Popular colours at present comprise hues of blue, mauve, pink, yellow and orange, blended with gold or silver fibre. Subtle colours and compositions are created by using various colours in the warp and weft. Maheshwari sarees are differentiated by their vibrant colours, unique mixes and extraordinary designs that comprise stripes, checks and floral borders. However, if you can also try for solid colours or prints, traditional weaves invariably blend in class and elegance. In the case of prints, head for smaller ones, although they often can be an exception based on the pattern and styling of the saree. A Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree is so versatile that you can pull some of these sarees in an after-office party with a slight change in makeup and accessories. 

Follow the above guidelines and carry a breeze of freshness to your office cabinet. Buy Maheshwari silk cotton sarees as sarees are not just meant for simple festivities, weddings and social gatherings but it is also smart casual, smart formal, anytime & everywhere wear. Let us shift the perception and show pride in tradition in your favourite Maheshwari cotton silk handloom saree with all confidence and style.

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