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Indian Culture is known to be rich and diverse because of tradition. Sarees are one of the praiseful traditions of India that is flourishing day by day. No matter how many designers and modern outfits are out there in the fashion industry, sarees are permanent and have a special place in one’s wardrobe. How many varieties of sarees do you have in your wardrobe- Banarasi, Maheshwari, Kota, Kanjeevaram? What about Chanderi Silk? Chanderi saree is another popular variety of saree that every lady must have in their collection. 

Have you ever worn a Chanderi silk saree? If not, this is the right time to buy Chanderi silk saree online. If you don’t know what Chanderi silk sarees are and from where to explore the best Chanderi sarees collection, you have reached the right place. Sillkpond is the global saree dealer in India and is known for delivering pure Chanderi silk sarees at the best prices. 

Whether you’re looking for a daily wear or party wear collection, you can choose from a wide variety, designs, patterns, and colors of Chanderi saree online. Do you want to look gorgeous, feel royal, and comfortable as well? Chanderi Silk saree is the best choice for you. 


What are Chanderi Silk Sarees?

Chanderi Silk sarees are elegant, cozy, and lightweight. They are made with a combination of cotton and silk having a golden or silver zari border with motifs. Chanderi sarees look gorgeous, are soft, suitable, and reposeful. They are produced with multiple weft techniques and look stunning when draped. 

If heavy border sarees don't suit you, add Chanderi silk sarees to your collection as they are beautiful and comfortable as well. If you wish to buy Chanderi sarees online, visit Sillkpond without any hesitation. Whether it is an important event such as a conference, a celebration in the office, your friend's wedding, or you just want to pamper yourself with a stylish photo shoot, Sillkpond always comes up with a beautiful collection that matches your fashion needs and budget.

History and Origin of Chanderi Silk Saree

Chanderi, a small town in Ashok Nagar District of Madhya Pradesh, is the place from where Chanderi Silk sarees come originally. Apparently, the saree is known from its town name where they are originally produced. 

The history of Chanderi Silk sarees is dated back to the 11th century. However, it is unclear who developed the Chanderi fabric. While some references to the Vedic period suggest that fabric was introduced by Lord Krishna’s cousin Shishupal, on the other hand, it is also stated that Aurangazeb ordered the use of cloth embroidered with the Gold and Silver for making Khilat (a ceremonial robe). There are so many rumors about Chanderi Silk's origin. But it is clear that the fabric has always had a special place because of its unique sheer texture and intricate embroidery with Golden and Silver Zari thread. 

So if your wardrobe is flooded with georgette, chiffon, or net sarees, it's time to add the best Chanderi silk sarees collection. If you’re not sure whether or not you should buy Chanderi silk saree online, we introduce you to Sillkpond- the most reliable online store in India. You can blindfold trust in our product, services, and prices. The products displayed on our website and delivered to customers after going through multiple quality checks. This is what makes us the most trusted partner of online customers.    

How to Identify Pure Chanderi Silk Saree?

Saree is the most admirable attire of India till now. But the scam and impurity are everywhere. It is important to know how to identify a pure Chanderi silk saree if you want to drape an original Chanderi silk saree. Whether you buy Chanderi sarees online or offline, we bring tips for both. 

  • Genuine Chanderi silk sarees will always come in light hues. 
  • The pure Chanderi silk will always have a glossy and shiny texture.
  • The butis is often coated with Gold, Silver, or Copper Zari thread. 

Additional tips for offline customers

  • Original Chanderi silk will have an uneven surface.
  • The texture of the fabric is soft.

Customers buying Chanderi sarees online can check the quality when it is delivered and complain if they have any doubt. Visit Silkpond to access pure Chanderi saree and secure shopping. 

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