Rock The Festival Of Colours With Vibrant Hues And Prints!

Sarees are timeless, worn on any desired occasion. And we are lucky to live in a generation where sarees still exist! One beautiful drape can create pure magic with designer artistry. They look regal, feel royal, and, most importantly, maintain their raging status. 

Holi is around the corner, and we cannot keep calm to dress you gorgeous ladies! It is time to celebrate the inclusiveness of colours. Yes, you heard it right! Printed sarees in different colours are an ideal choice to wrap around this season! 

An attractive block-printed saree can give you the desired trendy look. Block prints complement traditional jewellery and add a subtle charm without being overly ornate or expensive. They are a perfect choice to march on Holi, making a splash extravaganza. 

We're sure that every time you wear these sarees, you'll notice the intricacies in the design of these traditional art forms. 

The Idea of Hand Block Printing

Hand block printing has been a tradition in India, especially for millennia. This traditional method of cloth printing uses carved wooden blocks soaked in dye to recreate exquisite motifs, and it necessitates steady movement and good hand-eye coordination. In modern India, the town of Bagru in Rajasthan is a major centre for hand block printing. 

The Action to Beautify the Fabric

Block carving is significant as the first step in the block printing process. Specific instruments are used to carve complicated patterns into wooden blocks by block-carving professionals. A sieve helps to apply dye to the wooden block. The block is then softly pressed onto the palette before touching the fabric. 

Before that, the fabric is treated well by removing all the starch for the printing process. Saree lengths, for example, usually necessitate this process for dyeing. A specific technique using a wooden plank comes into the picture to print along the length and width of the saree. The fabric requires proper sun heat to dry. Block printing happens on cotton and silk fabric. Dyes like fibre reactive, natural, synthetic have a prominent usage for dyeing. 

So why wait? Wrap around simple, elegant and beautiful designs with Silkpond. Buy hand-block printed sarees online now! 

You can even customise your outfit for Holi. Wondering how?

Drape your favourite saree that has the touch of true Indian culture just like a beautiful hand-painted saree. With our correct quality and stitching, you are sure to stand out among your friends and family. 

When you look through the hand-painted masterpieces at Silkpond, the words "classic and beautiful" come to mind. The hand-painted designs create a statement of their own; they're bold but approachable. Modern elegant colours like red, yellow, orange, green have captured our hearts. Elegant white wraps better than any ordinary saree. 

The Idea of Hand Painting

Hand painting is one of the oldest techniques used to embed stunning designs on sarees apart from block printing. Uneven hues, streaky patterns, and floating design lines are not considered 'deformities,' but rather part of the unique aesthetic of hand-painted work. They are a stunning display of precision and efficiency in exemplary artistry, particularly Kalamkari, Pen Batik, Warli painting, and Tribal art of Jharkhand, Chattisgarh, and Bhagalpur. With hand-painted sarees, you can challenge your inner goddess with manual colours and designs that have your heart. 

The Action to Carve on Fabric

The fabric is washed, dried, and stretched to apply gutta or water-based resistance. The resist helps outline the borders of the design before applying dye or paint on the saree fabric. One can remove it once the complete hand-painting design is in place. 

Our hand-painted sarees are smooth and comfortable for all body shapes and sizes. Whether you wish to wear it for a small family outing or a perfect Holi celebration, it adds charm to your beauty. And you get to wear lightweight, easy-to-carry art all day and night! We don't see any disadvantages here. Buy hand-painted sarees online from Silkpond! 

Hey, but wait. Before you start adding our range to your cart, here are a few tips to look after your saree. To begin with, you do not need to wash a hand-painted saree regularly. When you wash it, use cold water to help keep the colours vibrant. Wrap it nicely, Store it in a cool, dry place, and you must iron it but not directly on the painted area. Dry cleaning is a preferred option over washing after a few years. 

Last but not least, your Instagram needs no introduction as you don a saree by Silkpond. We wish all the gorgeous women out there, a very Happy Holi!

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