Maheshwari Sarees: The Real Story Behind Maheshwari Sarees


Saree is a traditional attire of India. It is draped in different styles in different regions of India and women are obsessed with it from ancient times. Even today, sarees are the most desirable outfit of ladies for any occasion. Being connected to sarees from ancient times, do you know how many types of sarees there are? Which are the most famous sarees in India and how are they produced?


India is the largest manufacturer of saree in the world. The country is taking pride in holding perfection in weaving saree. Ranging from Banarasi, Maheshwari, Cotton, Kota, Chanderi, Tant, Assam Muga Silk, Kanjeevaram, Batik Print, Mysore Silk, to Pattu and others, there are almost 30 varieties of sarees in India that are designed by Indian craftsmen in the different regions. Among all, Maheshwari is the most popular variety that is being loved and draped all over India today. Do you want to buy Maheshwari silk cotton sarees? Approach Sillkpond for the latest collection. 


A beautiful saree makes a woman more beautiful. Whether it is Banarasi, Cotton, Kota, or Maheshwari, Sarees are the most elegant and comfortable attire. No matter how many varieties of sarees you have, Maheshwari sarees are no exception. 


Everything You Should Know About Maheshwari Sarees


The beautiful conception of Maheshwari sarees comes from Madhya Pradesh. The saree that was first produced in the town of Maheshwar dates back to the 18th century when Indore was ruled by Queen Ahilyabai Holkar. It is believed that Queen Ahilyabai called craftsmen from Surat and Malwa to design special 9-yard sarees for her royal guests and relatives. 


It tends that the design that is weaved to produce Maheshwari sarees was created by Queen herself. These sarees were originally worn by royal ladies at that time and became popular. Today, these sarees are draped by women all over India and also have an international market on a large scale. Do you want to feel royal? Shop Maheshwari saree from our online store now!


The process of weaving Maheshwari sarees does not end here. The design, material, colors, and everything have their own specialty and are inspired by the architecture of the fort or facts about the dynasty. To attract you more towards Maheshwari sarees, we have curated some more facts about their designs, pattern, colors, and material used to produce the most adorable sarees. 


Design- If you wonder why shop Maheshwari silk saree, look at the mesmerizing design of these beautiful sarees. The popular design of Maheshwari sarees was inspired by the detailing of Maheshwar fort walls. These designs are found on the fort even today. If you want to witness the original design of Maheshwari saree design, you should visit here. 


Patterns- Have you ever observed alluring patterns of Maheswari sarees? Did you find a similar pattern in any other variety of saree? Of Course not, because all the patterns are exclusive and taken from the wall designs. You can explore a range of patterns such as Chatai (Mat) pattern, Chameli ka Phool (Chameli Flowers), Eant (Brick pattern), and Heera or Diamond pattern.   


Colors- Initially, Maheshwari sarees used to be produced in dark shades such as Maroon, Purple, Black, and Green. The colors used to prepare these sarees are natural and known as vegetable dyes. Today, these sarees are manufactured in light colors with golden and silver thread borders. The most popular colors of Maheshwari sarees are Angoori (Grape green), Gul Bakshi (Magenta), Jaamla (Purple), Dalimbi (Deep Pink), Aamarak (Golden), etc. 


Material- Originally, these sarees were made up of pure silk. But later, the Maheshwari sarees began to be produced in Cotton or a combination of Cotton and Silk and now Wool is also being used. 


Key Features- 

  • These sarees are extremely lightweight and sharp in color. 
  • Usually, these sarees have a plain body but a beautiful border and strips or flowers to give variance in patterns.
  • The unique feature about Maheshwari sarees is their reversible border, which means the saree can be worn from both sides. Isn’t it a good reason to buy Maheshwari silk cotton sarees? Reach Sillkpond to buy Maheshwari Sarees online. 
  • The materials used to produce Maheshwari saree come from different regions, Cotton from South India, Silk from Bangalore, and wool is imported from Australia.  


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