Maheshwari Sarees: A Story Of Royalty Told In Warps And Wefts.

Saree is the symbol of grace in Indian society. India has a diverse selection of handcrafted sarees. The tradition of handwoven sarees has been evolving for centuries. Every part of the country has its unique design, pattern and type of saree that are famous. There are a variety of sarees to choose from when you shop from Silkpond. You get splendid Banarasi saree, Chanderi saree, Kota saree, Cotton Saree, Silk saree and the most mesmerising Maheshwari saree. When you want to buy Maheshwari saree online, get it from Silkpond.

The Maheswari saree was created in the 18th century in Madhya Pradesh. The name Maheshwari is derived from the place it was first made at, which was Maheshwar. The Maheshwari saree in the early days was woven using pure silk threads. Cotton was also used to make the intricate patterns on the Maheshwari. 

The legacy of the art of Maheshwari sarees began with Queen Ahilya Bai Holkar, who brought skilled artisans from Surat and Malwa to weave a unique 9 yards saree which was later known as the Maheshwari saree. 

The nature, surroundings and every small detail is an inspiration when a saree is woven. The Maheshwari saree is truly inspired by the culture and nature of Madhya Pradesh. The essence of the forts and palaces roam in every weave of the Maheshwari. The Mat pattern, also known as the ‘chattai' pattern, and ‘Chameli ka Phool,' inspired by the Chameli flower, are two of the most popular designs. The ‘Eent' design, which is essentially a brick, and the ‘heera' pattern, which is a diamond, are also visible. These themes and designs haven't lost their renowned status on Maheshwari sarees, and they're still a popular choice. If you want to buy Maheshwari Silk Cotton Sarees, get them from Silkpond.

Maheshwari sarees originally were made in earthly shades, but now blue, mauve, pink, yellow and orange, mixed with gold or silver thread, is exceptionally famous. The use of subtle colours and textures helps to create different tones in the warp and weft. In Maheshwari sarees, gold thread or zari is used to weave exquisite designs on the body, border, and pallu.

The famous Maheshwari weaves are Chandrakala, Baingani, Chandratara, Beli and Parbi. Chandrakala and Baingani are plain sarees and the rest have stripes and checks. 

The Maheshwari saree is a sensation in the fashion industry. The availability of Maheshwari sarees in silk and cotton makes it perfect for casual and formal events. A Maheswari saree with its elegance will make you look classy on any occasion. Considering that Maheshwari sarees are light, they are suitable for all seasons. 

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With its royal history, the Maheshwari saree admirer has ruled the hearts of every saree admirer, but now Maheshwari sarees have gained international popularity. The beauty in each weave of the Maheshwari saree makes it irresistible. The Maheshwari saree is defined by the zari work, checks, stripes design and unique colours. One more speciality of the Maheshwari saree is its reversible border. The beautiful colours of the Maheshwari sarees are made from vegetable dyes.

The Maheshwari saree is one of the must-haves. It will add a touch of charm to your wardrobe with its grandeur and rich history. Once a part of the royal legacy is now a piece of culture wrapped in the warps and wefts. When you decide to add this piece of art to your saree collection, shop Maheswari saree from Silkpond. The best artisans weave the fascinating Maheshwari saree, which binds fine art with a fascinating culture. So when are you getting your classic Maheshwari saree from Silkpond?

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