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Wearing a saree is more than just a custom in India. It is being carried in every part of India largely. Heavy embroidery sarees can be a little cumbersome on hot summer days or for daily office purposes. Block printing Chanderi saree is preferred more because of their elegant look, feather-like weight, and easy-to-drape. Whether it is summer, monsoon, or festive season, Chanderi silk sarees remain in great demand throughout the year. 

Women love to wear and shop sarees all around the year as it is the most elegant and comfortable outfit for daily wear. While other heavy and precious sarees are expensive and demand extra care, Maheshwari sarees are cheap and less demanding. Do you want to add the best Chanderi sarees collection to your closet but don’t know where to find the finest sarees, Sillkpond can help you with classic, comfortable and fashionable products. 

At Sillkpond, we manage to bring tradition and fashion simultaneously in one product. So if you want to highlight your tradition while maintaining your looks and following current fashion style, look no further than Sillkpond. We bring an entrancing collection meticulously designed by Indian skilled craftsmen. Explore Chanderi sarees online now!

The Concept of Block Printing Chanderi Saree

Chanderi silk is one of the best-known handlooms in India. A few people are aware of the fact that it originated from Madhya Pradesh, the state is known for monumental sites, scenic beauty, and abundant wildlife. 

But the idea of block printing comes from Rajasthan, another major state of India. Block printing has been practiced in Rajasthan since immemorial. This art was started in the 12th century when art received importance from the Kings of the era. 

The concept of block printing Chanderi saree is the process of block printing on Chanderi silk saree. It is done on cotton fabrics and Chanderi sarees are either of pure cotton or a combination of cotton & silk. 

If you’re impressed with the concept of block printing on Chanderi saree, it is the right time to drape an elegant Chanderi saree with block printing. India is a diverse country and leaves no stone unturned in showing its tradition. Chanderi sarees are the perfect attire when it comes to performing traditional rituals. 

If you’re willing to buy Chanderi silk saree online, visit our website, search your favorite product, add to cart, and place an order. Your product will be delivered to you in a few working days. No matter what your location is, we receive orders and supply our exquisite collection to all parts of India and outside. Without any hesitation and delay anymore, place your order now!

Process of Block Printing

Block printing is done through a wooden block which is called ‘Bunta’. This wooden block is designed, shaped, and sized in different types to bring the variants in block printing designs. The fabric should be starch-free before block printing is to be done. The colors are natural and standard such as brown, black, red, orange, and mustard used for block printing. The printing is usually done manually and starts from the left and goes to the right. Once the block printing is done, the fabric is dried out in the sun. 

Block Printing is of two types:

  • The Sanganeri Prints &
  • The Bagru Prints

  • The background color of the fabric sets both printings apart from each other. The Sanganeri print is usually done on the white background fabric and the Bagru print is done on the dark background fabric such as red and black. 

    Rajasthan has given prominence to block printing and today it is popular all over the world due to its intricate designs done with the detailed blocks. 

    Besides blocks, it requires other essential equipment such as a printing table, wooden nets, brush, dry tray, sponge, gum basket, cambric cloth, etc. 

    India is known for its rich history and Sarees share an important role in it. Chanderi silk is heavily drawn from the history and skills of the craftsmen. The combination of colors, intricate designs, beautiful patterns and detailed work done on the sarees holds a special place in one’s heart. If you want to look amazing, buy Chanderi Sarees online at Sillkpond- a one-stop solution for unparalleled demand.

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