Immensely Gorgeous Tussar Silk Sarees to Light Up Your Special Occasion

Often crowned to be the goddess of silks, Tussar silk sarees never goes out of fashion, whether you want to keep it traditional or informal. The unbleached and pale gold gleam plays an ideal canvas for printing, painting or embroidering the sarees. This makes Tussar silk saree an essential piece of clothing in every woman’s closet.

In Tussar silk saree, the incredible soft and fine thread work is handwoven and elegantly decorated with embellishments such as zardozi, Kundan, mirror, embroidery and a lot of other fine arts. Tribal art hand-painted with portraits of characters and symbols from the epics, ballads, nature and mundane scenes are dazzlingly detailed and drawn solely from memory and experience.

The generic term for this silk in Sanskrit was “kauseya”, which led to another name of Tussar silk, Kosa silk. Further, talking about the term “Tussar” that comes from the Sanskrit name, “tasara”, the weaver's shuttle, as cited in Rig Veda. Silk forever has a special niche in the Indian textile market. Moreover, it is considered auspicious to be draped in silk, primarily during rituals.

Tussar silk is primarily produced in the states of Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal. It is priced based on the richness of its texture and pale gold sheen. Other outfits such as salwar suits, shirts, kurtas, and dupattas are also made using Tussar silk. 

Silks are categorized based on the species of silkworms they are obtained from. What makes Tussar silk distinctive is that it occurs naturally from the Antheraea moths, which feed on the Saja, Arjun and Sal trees in the wild forests. When boiled, these silk moths yield naturally gold-coloured threads.

Buy a raw and pure Tussar silk saree that bestows a beautiful, elegant, and traditional look. The absorbent and slender elements of the saree make it perfect to be donned even in hot and humid climates. Tussar silk saree is among the most elegant attires adorned by women choice; every year this saree attracts demand for a variety of extraordinary designs for the occasion of festivities and traditions that heightens women's charm. Also, these sarees are manageable to drape and carry.

Although Tussar silk withstood a slowdown during the Industrial Revolution, its popularity is among leading diplomats, politicians and movie personalities assisted Tussar silk to bounce back with a bang. The stunning Tussar silk is again finding the place it deserves as the government in eastern India is making efforts to make Tussar silk weaving an option for livelihood for many residents.

Tussar silk needs to be maintained in order to retain its beauty intact. Dry cleaning is an adequate way for the sustenance of this fabric. Moreover, the saree should be dried in the shade as direct sunlight may fade its colour. Saree specific chemical bleach must be used. Cold water and mild detergent can protect the glimmer and longevity of the fabulous Tussar silks.

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Two qualities make the Tussar stand apart – the finest weave finish and the gorgeous colours, making them incredibly desirable for modification to any traditional weaving style. The outstanding and bright natural colours come out so impressive that the fabric attains terrific ethnic significance. Sometimes, these days even chemical colours are taken into use to enhance the extent of colours and mixes.

In Silkpond, the wide range of Tussar Silks sarees has the richest and most colourful shades, pastels, and soothed tones. With an exclusive bunch of sarees vying for your attention, each coming off better than the last one, it is a difficult task to finalize a specific saree.

Visualize yourself clothed in soft layers of alluring and marvellous Tussar silk whenever you plan out for a party. Relish the touch of layers of pure, golden silk embracing your body excellently, while the matte texture of Tussar silk raises your dressing sense to an entirely spectacular level, ultimately spicing up your special day!

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