From the Ghats of Ganga, Comes the Majestic Banarasi Silk Sarees

Saree is a six-yard piece of sheer elegance. India has a rich culture of handcrafted sarees. Having originated in the ancient period, the art of handwoven sarees has been growing in several parts of the country. The two most famous Indian silk sarees are Banarasi Silk Saree and Kanchipuram Silk Saree. 

The ancient Indian town of Varanasi is the birthplace of the Banarasi Silk Sarees. The affluent artistry is known to be introduced by Mughals. It is also said to be mentioned in Mahabharata and Buddhist writings. The distinctive features of a Banarasi silk saree are the Mughal-inspired designs, such as elaborate interwoven floral and foliate motifs, Kalga and bel, and a string of erect leaves known as Jhallar at the outer edge of the border. Banarasi silk sarees are so magnificent that anyone will fall in love with them. Made with pure silk, these gorgeous sarees are popular amongst Indian brides. But a beautiful Banarasi silk saree ensures making any event more alluring. 

There are numerous designs available in Banarasi Sarees available, it takes three craftsmen to create one Banarasi silk saree. One Banarasi silk saree takes around 15 to 30 days to be fully made. Depending on the intricacy and design, making a Banarasi silk saree can take up to a year too. 

A Banarasi silk saree has 5600 threads woven delicately, including real gold and silver threads. It is like a symbol of royalty. Banarasi sarees have evolved over the years. They are a blend of Persian touch with an Indian twist. Banarasi silk sarees are known for their texture and captivating designs and have also been an inspiration to many designers. They are popular all over the world and are a very integral part of the fashion industry. Not only that, top Indian hotels use handwoven Banarasi silk patterns in the decor to give the ambience a royal look and to showcase the Indian heritage. 

Banarasi silk sarees are made from Katan Silk (plain-woven saree from pure silk threads). Pure Katan silk Saree  has various varieties, some of them are Jamdani, Jangla, Tanchoi, Tissue, Cutwork, Butidar, etc. Every type has its unique feature. A Jamdani design has the weave distinguished by the use of light and translucent threads with patterns in the thicker threads to achieve the desired texture and look. The Jangla pattern is famous amongst Bengali brides, it is known for its majestic floral design and intricate gold work. A Banarasi pure silk saree will definitely make you stand out. The material used in a Banarasi Silk saree is extremely rich and ensures a high level of comfort.

At Sillkpond we have a splendid collection of Banarasi silk sarees. Handpicked with love, these sarees are wrapped in the rich culture and history of handwoven Indian sarees. Silkpond is a place where you will find a unique collection of sarees, we have a great collection with the best prices. There is a personal touch and a story to every design in our collection. Our Sarees are woven by the finest artisans using the best quality material. We deliver only premium Banarasi sarees for an exquisite experience. We assure you that our collection will make you feel like a queen. 

A saree makes the person look ten times more graceful and it is known as a sign of elegance. Banarasi silk saree is not just another silk saree, it has years of history and a story in every weave. Owning a beautiful Banarasi saree in ancient times was a status symbol, but today it is a piece of history created with devotion. The Banarasi silk saree is a wardrobe essential. So when are you getting your Banarasi silk saree from Sillkpond?

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