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Weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events. In India, the wedding is a series of celebrations with extensive clothing preparations. These occasions allow you to go all out and dress in the most extravagant outfits. In the domain of the six-yard ensemble, there are numerous options. Almost every state in India has a distinct saree or weave. A saree is also a good investment, particularly if it's a timeless classic like Banarasi brocade. And, given the abundance of functions and traditions, you can easily grace some of them in Indian garb. Every bride's wish list always includes exotic silk sarees.

Banarasi Saree

Another hot favourite in the bridal wedding sarees category is the eternal, ever-glistening Banarasi. At Indian weddings, brocade is indispensable. You will find the use of brocade weave in not just bridal sarees, but also on other clothing items like Lehenga Choli, Salwar Suits, Kurtis, etc. Off late, brocade accessories are also quite in fashion. The Banarasi weave is a rich, ageless tradition. This luxurious drape and its numerous variations, such as brocade sarees, Tanchoi saree, Tissue, Kora Silk sarees (Organza), Jangla, and so on, are adored by Indian women. Banarasi and brocade are so deeply ingrained in Indian culture that they are regarded as emblems of our culture and tradition by people all over the world. Pure silk, handloom Banarasi silk sarees can take weeks to months to make, and these opulent sarees have a natural royal charm. It's no surprise that every Indian bride fantasises about owning gold or silver Banarasi. Buy Banarasi sarees online only from Sillkpond.

Chanderi Silk Saree- 

Saris manufactured of Chanderi cotton fabric are loved for their pleasant, breezy feel and gauzy look, while pure Chanderi silk sarees are famed for their magnificent lustre and exquisite beauty. The purest Chanderi silk and cotton are always hand-spun utilising the traditional warps and wefts that give them their distinctive appearance. The sophisticated weaving method ensures that the cloth has a highly delicate and sparkling appearance, regardless of the raw material utilised. Gold threads are used in the weaving process to generate this dazzling look. Zari (metallic thread) borders and slightly gleaming designs of numerous Indian motifs are also included. Gold, silver, or copper thread can be used, although the gold thread is the most common choice among weavers. Buy the most Exotic Silk Sarees only from Sillkpond. 

Kanjivaram silk Sarees:

A silk saree is a symbol of Indian culture that may be found in practically every Indian women's clothing. These sarees are a must-have for any special occasion, ceremony, or wedding. A basic saree with no border, an intricately decorated saree with a little border and tiny gold flowers, or an image of grandeur with a massive border and exquisite designs are all examples of silk sarees. Kanjivaram silk is widely regarded as the best silk in the world, and it is said to be a gift from the gods. It is prized for its texture, shine, and durability. The brilliant colours and strong motifs of these sarees are well-known. The motifs on the body of the saree differ significantly from those on the pallus. Three silk threads are interwoven with silver wire to create the zari on these sarees, making the cloth incredibly durable and heavy. Kanjivaram silk sarees are popular amongst South Indian brides. Buy pure silk saree only from Sillkpond. 

Weddings are the most celebrated and one of the most important days in anyone's life. And to ensure the best look Sillkpond brings to you the most fantastic saree collection. On the day of her wedding, a bride dressed in a stunning silk saree intricately woven into traditional designs with nothing but the finest mulberry silk, gold, and silver zari threads is a sight to behold. There are various events on your wedding day, from the engagement ceremony to the mehndi, sangeet, and haldi. Sillkpond has a large selection of bridal sarees to choose from, in a wide range of colours. Choose from the best collection at Silkpond to make your wedding day special. Dazzle your look, Buy a traditional silk saree today!

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