All New Paithani Saree - A Gorgeous Traditional Saree Of Maharashtra

India has a rich culture and history of beautiful handwoven sarees. Every part of the country has its special type of saree. From Banarasi Silk saree from Banaras to Kanjivaram saree from Tamil Nadu we have a spread of fabulous sarees. Maharashtra is known for its Paithani saree. It is the Traditional Saree Of Maharashtra. The Paithani Saree dates back to antiquity and is associated with the royal dynasty of Paithan, a mediaeval town in Aurangabad. The saree is known as 'the queen of sarees'. A Paithani is made of silk threads of various colours woven together using the ancient weaving technique. as well as gold and silver zari threads. Paithani sarees are made with Bangalore-grown silk threads and Surat-sourced zari threads. Sillkpond has a New Paithani Saree collection for your wardrobe.

Paithani sarees are created from a beautiful blend of silk and zari. It's a saree with a one-of-a-kind weaving technique that's all done by hand. There is no machinery used in the manufacture of this silk. The sarees are meticulously created, with every inch of silk and zari imbued with the history of the craft. The sarees are made of the finest silk material available. Paithani sarees are distinguished by their distinctive and traditional designs, as well as their beautiful zari border work. The exquisite zari that creates the border and pallu adds to the saree's lavishness. The sarees are available in both plain and detailed versions. The saree is one of a kind because of its combination of simplicity and grandeur. It comes in a variety of colours and traditional designs that depict the history of the country in its threads. Another aspect that makes Paithani sarees so popular is the fact that both sides of the saree have the same gorgeous motifs. Every wrap and turn causes the saree to shimmer and glitter. Find Gorgeous Paithani Sarees at the best prices only at Sillkpond.

In most Maharashtrian weddings, the Paithani saree is a must-have. The sarees' remarkable intricacy makes them an obvious choice. It is loved by all because of the legacy in its threads. The clothing is popular due to its handcrafted nature. It is, in every way, the ideal choice for every bride on her wedding day. To celebrate the special day most Maharashtrian weddings have a bride dressed in a dazzling Paithani silk drape.

Paithani sarees, considered royalty among sarees, have a unique place in the wardrobes of Maharashtrian ladies of all ages. It represents the true Maharashtrian culture and is unique in that it was originally only worn by royals. Paithani sarees were once only made for the most affluent buyers since they were made of pure silk and so were extremely expensive. However, it has altered over time as craftsmen have introduced a cotton base rather than a silk base. This was done to make it more inexpensive for ladies of all economic levels to wear and enjoy. Check out Sillkpond for the latest Paithani Saree Collection Online.

Paithani saree with a weaved pattern! Paithani sarees are one of the most gorgeous sarees from India's textile history. Paithani's defining design is the peacock, however, individuals are currently experimenting with a variety of floral themes. Floral designs woven with golden Zari give it a royal feel that is both unique and elegant! Maharashtra's Paithani sarees are a regional speciality. Borders with an oblique square design and a pallu with a Peacock design distinguish these.

Sarees are never going out of style. The way Indian tradition has preserved the heritage of saree culture, every person is fond of an elegant saree. 

The touch of Maharashtra in the Gorgeous Paithani Saree is something everyone wants. Sillkpond is your one-stop to make your wardrobe stand out and make you look fabulous every single time. At Sillkpond we handpick sarees. Every saree has its own uniqueness. Using the best material and the most authentic techniques these sarees are curated with love and skill. A saree is the best choice for any occasion. Walk with elegance and radiate confidence in the 6 yards. Check out the Paithani saree collection Online only on Sillkpond. The best sarees at the best prices. Bring a piece of heritage! Shop today, only from Sillkpond.

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