6 Tips to Look Slim in a Saree and Rock Your Next Party Look!

Sarees are one of the most comfortable outfits. They are elegant and come with so many options. Different fabrics with colours, patterns are available. Sarees are the most versatile piece of cloth. At Sillkpond you can buy Traditional Sarees, Daily Wear Cotton Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Pure Cotton Sarees, Chiffon Sarees and Party Saree online.

6 Ways to Look Slim in a Saree and Look Fabulous at Your Next Party!

1) Find the right colour!

Dark colours and tints might make you appear a few sizes smaller than you are, according to a basic fashion principle. But when we say dark, we don't mean gloomy sarees! Monochrome saris with dull metallic accents will look elegant and understated. Choose sarees with thin borders to let them skim along with your frame and make you look sleek and beautiful!

2) Find the correct fabric!

Pure cotton and organza sarees, as lovely as they are, can be too stiff to flatter your curves and instead flare out. When it comes to selecting the correct fabric for your sarees, you want something that will drape lightly over your body and embrace your figure – but not too much! Satin is a soft fabric, yet it can be difficult to drape due to its slipperiness. Lightweight chiffon sarees, too, can cling too tightly to your body, giving the impression that you're displaying more than you want to! Pure georgette or crepe sarees are the best of the bunch because they drape naturally about your body and don't call attention to the defects you want to avoid. Soft silks or cotton are also easy to pleat, look elegant and classy, and perfectly enhance your form.

3) Get the perfect length of saree!

The more fabric a saree has, the more volume it lends to your drape. Because there is so much to drape with, a particularly long saree might give the impression of a heavier body shape. A saree's typical length (without the blouse fabric) should be roughly 5.5 metres.

4) The right drape!

You'll dislike all the photographs you took in a saree, no matter how lovely your saree is if the pleats are untidy and unattractive! The number of pleats on the bottom should be around 5 to 6, spread out a little for a nice flair. Make sure they're even and flat by pressing them down with your hands; if necessary, enlist the assistance of a friend! Leave the pallu open as well. Make medium-sized pleats and pull them over your chest so that your abdomen is covered if you want to move around without making a fuss. Instead of tucking the pleats straight beneath your navel, tie the saree a bit below your navel and tuck it to the side. You don't have to keep to classic draping styles; modern draping styles are also available. Experiment with several draping styles to see which one best suits your body.

5) Get the perfect patterns!

There are a few patterns and styles you should avoid while choosing a saree because as insignificant as they may appear, these prints can make or break your figure! To begin, you must divert attention away from trouble regions, so make sure there is nothing large or eye-catching on the sari that falls directly on your problem areas. Large prints should be avoided in favour of little prints that are uniformly distributed around the sari (big and multicoloured stripes or checks, for example). Stick to clean, understated designs with fine decorations instead of heavy ornaments.

6) Get the right blouse design!

No matter how lovely your saree is, if your blouse doesn't support it in all its grandeur, the complete outfit may end up highlighting your shortcomings! Your blouse should neither be too tight (which will show bulges) or too loose (which will show wrinkles) (unflattering and bulky). A well-fitting shirt with the correct sleeves can be the greatest saree companion you could wish for; 3/4th or long sleeves are best for hiding flabby arms. If your shoulders and arms are excessively broad, avoid halter-neck or sleeveless blouses; but, if you have gorgeous toned arms you'd like to flaunt, go for a revealing top! 


Size does not matter, there is always a perfect saree for the perfect you. At Sillkpond you will find the right saree for you! From Traditional Sarees to Daily Wear Cotton Sarees, Banarasi Silk Sarees, Pure Cotton Sarees, Chiffon Sarees and Party Saree online you can find every type of saree on Sillkpond! So when are you getting a beautiful saree for you from Sillkpond?

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