5 Ways To Style Silk Sarees And Look Gorgeous During Summer

Spring has already bid goodbye, and the year's hottest season has rung in. As the scorching heat is becoming extremely bothersome, most of us prefer slipping into light and comfy clothes which sometimes become a fashion disaster.

You might have a wedding party to attend where you want to drape your favourite silk saree. But the scorching sun put you off the idea of wearing a saree. Nevertheless, you can always change your style quotient and deal with the heat by draping your favourite silk saree.

Drape Your Favourite Silk Saree This Summer

Draping the 9 yards of elegance will never go out of style, even during the heated summers. Choosing to wear lightweight silk fabrics will provide you with the proper comfort. Besides, you can also keep up your style quotient according to the season.

If you do not have a silk saree in your possession, you can always buy cotton silk sarees online. Like lightweight cotton clothes, cotton silks are incredibly breathable, making you feel more relaxed. We suggest you prioritise your comfort and fashion sense above anything else.

Gorgeous Soft Silk Sarees For This Summer

Indian weddings during the summer season are no less than a  challenge for anyone to drape a saree. However, that would not be an issue if you know how to style them right. Ready to rock your summer look by draping the 9 yards of your favourite silk? Check out the quick saree styling tips, which will come in handy this summer.

● Drape It In The Pant Style

The new-age Indian fashion trends have brought in the variation of draping sarees in the pant style. This way of styling is significantly easy, functional, comfortable and stunningly chic. It provides an incredibly modern look without eliminating the traditional touch. You need to wear skinny pants underneath your saree instead of a petticoat.

● Create An Oomph Factor With A Sleeveless Jacket Blouse

Pairing your favourite silk saree will allow you to elevate your styling. There is nothing better than pairing your pure silk saree with a classy sleeveless jacket blouse in a contrasting shade. If you do not have one, you always have the option to buy pure silk sarees online. Just wear a broad smile across your face and walk with a dash of confidence.

● Wear A Belt Like A Kamar-Bandh

Wearing a belt instead of traditional Kamar-bandh has been trending in the Indian fashion industry. It helps in creating all the sassiness with a unique style statement. So drape your plain silk saree with a shimmering belt that cinches your pallu at the waist. No wonder you are going to look graceful like never before.

● Lose Your Pallu And Keep It In The Front

Keeping the pallu loose is always better than pinning it up, especially when you have a flat belly. This will enhance your fashion sense and take your style statement entirely differently. If you want to have a chic look with a traditional touch, choose from Banarasi cotton silk sarees.

Since the pallu of Banarasi cotton silk is usually embedded with heavy work, leave your pallu loose on the front. This will let you show off your beautiful saree and turn heads!

● Pair Your Favourite Silk Saree With Your Favourite Kurta

Most of us prefer draping our sarees in the timeless traditional style. But how about incorporating some changes with the pair-up to set high fashion standards? You would not want to team up the heavy georgette blouse with your silk saree during the summer. No wonder you will sweat profusely, which will deteriorate your fashionable look.

So you can always try pairing a short sleeveless kurta with heavy stitch work and a plain silk saree. You can also try the other way round by pairing a heavy work silk saree with a simple short kurta. This will not only provide you with a classy and iconic look but will subtly hide your belly curves. And to completely ace your looks, you can wear your favourite pair of dangling earrings.


You can easily beat the heat with the grace of magnificent silk sarees. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out and rock your look this summer!

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